Frequently Asked Questions

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Learning Online

Why would I want an online education?

There are a lot of reasons why a traditional, one-size-fits-all classroom may not fit you. Some students need more challenge or a flexible schedule that adapts to things like work and travel, a busy athletics calendar, medical concerns or family obligations. Maybe you want classes that actually relate to that future you've been dreaming about or more attention than a teacher juggling 30 students at a time can give. Others just find the daily "drama" of traditional middle and high school way too distracting.

In addition, students preparing for the 21st century will find that education and job training has changed. Colleges and universities, vocational programs and top employers are all using virtual classrooms to teach and train. In fact, several states around the country are mandating all high school students take and pass online courses in order to graduate. Now may be the right time to start your own online education.

What about traditional schools can I leave behind?

Learning online is a great way to avoid the "drama" and distractions that are so common to traditional school settings. Our interactive learning environments give teachers full control of student-to-student exchanges, so you can feel safe and secure. Students also gain a more flexible schedule, an individualized curriculum built around your interests and goals, and personal attention from teachers and advisors.

Is online learning for everyone?

No. Self-motivation, time management skills and a commitment to education are key factors in achieving success in an online environment.

What role does a parent play?

Parents play a critical role in student success in any educational setting. ARISE encourages students to become more independent, but your student will still want your support and encouragement and may need help learning time management and communications skills. Few ARISE parents need to be deeply involved every single day, but the lines of communication between teachers, advisors and parents are always open.

Why would I choose ARISE to reach my goals?


RISE offers a complete range of courses, curriculum, and one on one teaching that enable our students to enjoy and succeed in school. We know what works because we have been providing online education since 2007. Our years of experience, proven track record in doing what's right for our students and the excellent reputation our diplomas carry is invaluable to our students- while they're here and long after they graduate.

How will I know that ARISE Virtual Academy is a good fit for me?

At ARISE we will work with you to ensure that online learning is the right fit for you. ARISE can be a great alternative for families to consider, but it isn't right for everyone. We invite you to speak with ARISE teachers and mentors and even former students and their families to find out more. To get started, call 1-608-743-6680 and talk to us today.