School District of Janesville Policies

That Do Not Apply to the ARISE Virtual Academy

Board Policy 6120 – School Day
This policy spells out the normal school day. Students at the ARISE Virtual Academy will set their own schedule.

Board Policy 6110 – School Year Calendar
This policy establishes the procedure for setting the school calendar. Students will complete courses independently and may take less or more time to complete than the established 180 days.

Board Policy 4225 – School Calendar
This policy establishes the school calendar and is consistent with the Wisconsin statutory requirements. The ARISE Virtual Academy will operate year round and may, at some time in the future, operate outside of the September 1 requirement.

Board Policy 4221 and Administrative Rule 4221.1 – Staffing Allocation Guidelines
This policy and regulation of the School District of Janesville establishes minimum/maximum numbers of students for different instructional programs establishing 18:1 student/teacher ratio at the high school. The ARISE Virtual Academy may operate outside the minimum/maximum.

Board Policy 6200 and Administrative Rule 6200.1 – Curriculum Development

Board Policy 6240 and Administrative Rule 6240.1 – Curriculum Guides

Board Policy 6250 and Administrative Rule 6250.1 – Curriculum Evaluation
Courses will be purchased through the Wisconsin E-School Consortium or developed for the Academy. The ARISE Virtual Academy Board will approve new course offerings. Review of courses is done through the consortium.

Board Policy 6461 and Administrative Rule 6461.1 – Summer School
Current Board policy only allows credit for transitions or NCLB. We will offer students the opportunity to take 1-2 courses during the summer.

Board Policy 6463 – Honors Program

Board Policy 6810 – Grading Systems
This policy includes rank point information which we will not be doing at the ARISE Virtual Academy.

Board Policy 6811 – Student Progress Reports to Parents
Requirements for parent contacts are more extensive at the ARISE Virtual Academy. Transcripts instead of report cards will be issued.

Board Policy 6310 – Graduation Policy
We have increased the science requirements to three and students must take Biology as a freshman. Students must take US History as a freshman. They must also take a government/Civics course.

Board Administrative Regulation 6310.2 – Early Graduation
This policy indicates a student must attend at least six semesters. Students at the ARISE Virtual Academy may graduate earlier.