Student Expectations


The commitment for the student is to complete each online class. For full-time enrollment, the commitment to the program is described in the student’s 4-Year Education Plan and will meet individual student needs as determined by ARISE Virtual Academy staff and the student’s family. Within the first 14 days of the course, the Local Mentor/Teacher, in cooperation with the student’s online teacher and parents or personal/family coach, will dismiss the student if the student is not making adequate progress and is not viewed as being successful in the online course. If a student doesn’t complete a course or drops after the 14 days, a failing grade will be placed on the student’s transcript.

If the child leaves the charter school to enter the traditional school, alternative-learning activities may be provided. These activities may include online courses, enrichment, or remedial activities as determined by the Local Mentor/Teacher.

Student Responsibilities

Log on to the course daily
Complete the required assignments on the day they are due
Complete assignments in the order they are given
Respond to e-mails sent by the teacher or principal
Read the Welcome Letter for each course; teachers provide valuable student information in the welcome letter

Keys to Being Successful in an Online Course

  1. Schedule time each day to work on the course. Make sure you log in so we know you are actively involved in the course.
  2. Read the information. The directions for completing assignments are written in the course.
  3. Communicate with the teacher on a weekly basis via e-mail or by phone. Students who are unable to work on any given day, should notify the teacher and Local Mentor/Teacher.


Students communicate with teachers in four ways:

  1. Electronically completing assignments
  2. E-mailing
  3. Phone/texting
  4. Person (if applicable)

Students must take the responsibility to contact the teacher when something is not understood.

Students communicate with Local Mentor/Teacher in three ways:

  1. E-mailing
  2. Phone/texting
  3. Person

Course Progress Expectations

  1. Students may be terminated for not keeping pace with assignments. Attendance for School District of Janesville, ARISE Virtual Academy students are measured by keeping a log of their work, submission of assignments and activities, communication with the teacher, discussion threads and any other teacher directed activities and interaction with online lessons.

  2. If a student fails to be actively involved in a course for 7 consecutive days without cause and prior teacher communication, the student may be terminated as indicated in the policies and procedures.