Our Promise To You

You education is our main concern

We are committed to providing you an individualized learning plan that meets your needs. WE will help you create a plan that meets your goals and your learning style. We will be with your every step of the way by being there to support you so that you ensure your own success well after graduation.

Here are some of the ways we make you our priority at ARISE.


At the ARISE Virtual Academy students are assigned mentors, our mentors are available to the students when they need them. Our mentors will be with you throughout the school year. They will create your plan with you and your family to ensure your child’s needs are being met.

Students and parents can reach their mentors and teachers by email, texts, Skype and phone. We have a classroom that is available for face to face help you want it. We offering one on one tutoring for all of our students.

ARISE parents will receive weekly updates on their child’s progress. We also have quarterly conferences either face to face or via Skype. Parents will also have a personal login that lets them check their student's progress whenever it's convenient for them.

An individualized educational plan

It's about flexibility for the life you have now and preparing for the one you want tomorrow.

ARISE Virtual Academy gives students a solid academic foundation and a real plan for their future.

Like all schools, there are accommodations for students with special needs, and we offer advanced placement and honors programs for middle and high school students who need the extra challenge.