Parent involvement is essential

ARISE Virtual Academy helps students become more independent learners. We ask them to take control of their academic path. Together we will help them manage their time and meet due dates. We ask them to study hard and master their course work.

We ask you to offer them your valued support.

We know that the world is a busy place and that you may not be able to put in the time you wish you could, but parental interest and involvement can be critical to your child's success. So we've developed tools to help parents stay involved and informed.

  • You'll have input in your student's curriculum from the very start. Your son/daughters mentor will help you and your child develop an individualized academic plan for graduation (and beyond).
  • Our teachers and mentors are always available to parents and provide regular progress reports throughout the semester.
  • You'll get a personal login, so you can check in on your student's progress, schedule and grades.
  • To keep students on track, we ask parents to call us if their student gets sick, just like you would for a traditional school.
  • What if family obligations require your student to take an extended break from class? There are state rules and policies concerning online attendance to follow, and your student's success is our first concern. But we'll do what we can to develop a schedule that everyone can agree on.