What’s It Like

Life as an online student

There are plenty of reasons to consider an online education; for instance the “drama” of high school is eliminated, you are learning in an atmosphere that is designed by you. You will have the flexibility to work around your life, whether it is for you job, or to travel or medical needs. Maybe you just like the extras: the personal attention, challenging coursework and unique career prep offerings that focus you forward.

What makes a successful ARISE Virtual Academy student?

Desire to learn

Our best students are self-motivated. ARISE offers a safe, supportive, exciting place to learn. But the commitment it takes to study and succeed? That's still up to you. We'll help you prioritize tasks and develop the time management skills you'll need to thrive here ... and anywhere else.

Graduation can sometimes feel pretty far away. Just remember that your teachers and mentors are always there to help you stay focused.


Most of our courses are estimated to take approximately three to four hours a day, five days a week of study time. This includes the reading and typing assignments, oral exams and discussion threads. Some students may put in a little more each day; others, a little less. Most of our students work at a pace faster than the minimum so that they can graduate early.

Find the study times and places that work best for you—whether that means parking yourself at the kitchen table or heading off to a coffee shop. Good study habits will see you through the toughest courses. And 24/7 access to learning materials and tutoring mean you'll always have help earning those A's.

Life goals

Are you going to college, tech school, the military or entering the world of work.  At the ARISE Virtual Academy we will be meeting with you every quarter to ensure we are doing everything we can to help you attain your goals.