How ARISE Works

How the ARISE Virtual Academy works

Getting your education online will feel a lot like attending a traditional school—with one big difference. Here, you'll have the flexibility to study how, often when and where you want.

Getting started

When you start with ARISE you will meet with your mentor, we will together review your transcripts and talk to you about your academic goals and learning style. Together, you'll choose classes that match your strengths, graduation requirements and personal aspirations.

It's time for class

You will be logging on daily, during a time that is convenient for you. You will be able to talk to your teachers via telephone, email, texting or video conferencing. Each week you and your parents will get a progress report from your mentor. You will also be able to talk to your mentor 7 days a week with any questions you have. We also have open lab hours in our offices where you can come in for any help you may need we are open Monday through Friday 8-3.

Doing homework

Just like a traditional school, there are reading and writing assignments, projects, quizzes and, yes, tests. But unlike traditional schools, everything you need to study for those assignments is always available 24/7, from the very first day of class. There are also online extras like video simulations, discussion boards, blogs and wikis. That way you can learn largely at your pace, where and when it works for you.

Of course, there are still school deadlines. We've found that due dates help students stay on track and avoid end-of-the-quarter cramming and stress. These target dates may be somewhat flexible; together, you and your teacher will find the schedule that works best. Juniors and Seniors will have more specific and rigid deadlines.

And then you graduate

ARISE Virtual Academy is chartered through the Janesville School District, so your diploma will be just the same as any other public high school student. Your family members and friends can watch you walk across a stage to accept your diploma.