Your Future

From Here, Anywhere

Our Kindergarten through high school students are at very different points in their lives. Some have passionate interests and detailed plans for the future. Others are excited to explore, well, everything.

Our experienced mentors and teachers have the training and resources to advise students at every stage of their academic career. Here's how we bridge the gap.

Guidance You Can Count On

We will be with you every step of you educational career. Your mentor will help you create and individualized learning plan and pick the right courses for you. Your mentor, when the time is right, help you prepare for post-secondary education and/or the job market.

Countless Course Options

ARISE Virtual Academy's extensive curriculum means you have the freedom to follow your dreams, wherever they lead. Start with a solid foundation for graduation with our core classes. Add electives that spark your interest. And prepare for tomorrow with using our Career Cruiser software.