Getting Ready For College

We know how to help students turn a diploma into a degree. In fact, our grads have gone on to pursue advanced degrees at some of this country's finest public.

College prep can begin as soon as you do. Your mentor will help you choose the right courses based on your goals and interests. They'll even be there when it's time to apply for college. Together you can create a college wish list, target specific schools, review their admissions policies and even look into options for financial aid.

Your ARISE Virtual Academy diploma is as real-and as welcomed-as any other public school diploma in Wisconsin. And with that diploma will come all the records that are required for the college application process, including valid transcripts, SAT/ACT scores and instructor recommendations.

Note: ARISE Virtual Academy course offerings are at the discretion of the Janesville School District. Availability is not guaranteed, and offerings may change over time as we assess the needs of our student body.